MIT Hackathon Project – SignAR

Product Idea

Communication is what bonds us all but it might not be as seamless for the speech and hearing impaired. An app that could help them communicate better has been long overdue. SignAR helps people with speaking and listening difficulties communicate effortlessly by converting sign language (sign instructions) into text and audio instructions for people.


Created to communicate the American Sign Language, it is adaptable and can be altered and designed to accommodate customizable gestures. The core functionalities were built using a multitude of technologies like Unity game engine, Oculus SDK, Leap Motion SDK using C#. The UX/UI development and testing was done using Adobe Illustrator and a round of demos.

Work Contribution

Besides working on the UI/UX design, I was hugely involved in transforming the product idea to an appealing pitch deck for the judges and marketing it through an engaging video.

Project Link