The Trek – Short Film


The trek is a classic horror film featuring two teenagers who plan a birthday trek for a friend. They are met with strange sounds, an old lady who points out an ominous created house, and the classic someone is following you’ back view as they walk through the deserted trail. The teenagers decide to spend the night in a dark abandoned house. Following that, a series of suspenseful shot designs and sound effects culminate in two friends pulling a prank on the birthday boy. It’s one of my favorite memories because I was able to successfully convey the message of fear as a mental state, and the audience reacted positively while also enjoying the movie.


As the Writer, Director, and Editor of the short film “The Trek,” I made significant technical contributions alongside a team of 15 members.
Scriptwriting: I developed the script, crafting the narrative, dialogue, and character arcs to create a compelling story.
Storyboarding: I created detailed storyboards to visualize and plan the shot compositions, camera movements, and overall visual storytelling.
Pre-production Planning: I collaborated with the production team to organize shooting schedules, select locations, and plan logistics for a smooth production process.
Directing: On set, I guided the actors and crew, ensuring that the performances and shots aligned with the vision established in the script and storyboards.
Cinematography: I worked closely with the Director of Photography (DP) to establish the visual style of the film, making creative decisions regarding lighting, framing, and camera movements.
Shot Composition: I carefully composed each shot to enhance the storytelling, utilizing techniques such as framing, depth of field, and camera angles to evoke specific emotions and convey the desired meaning.
Editing: Using industry-standard software, I edited the footage, arranging the shots, adding transitions, and refining the pacing to create a cohesive and engaging narrative.
Color Grading: I applied color grading techniques to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the film, ensuring consistency and visual coherence.
Sound Design: I collaborated with a sound designer to create and incorporate sound effects, ambient sounds, and music to enhance the overall audio experience of the film.
Post-production Workflow: I managed the post-production process, coordinating with the team to ensure a smooth workflow, timely delivery, and adherence to project deadlines.
Collaboration and Communication: I fostered effective communication and collaboration among the team members, facilitating a creative and productive working environment.
Quality Control: I conducted thorough reviews and evaluations of the footage and edits, ensuring technical excellence and artistic integrity throughout the film.
Feedback and Iteration: I welcomed feedback from the team, making necessary adjustments and iterations to improve the film’s overall quality and impact.
Project Management: I oversaw the overall production timeline, resource allocation, and budget management, ensuring efficient use of resources and timely completion of the film.