Capgemini 360 Corporate Films

Work Contributions
As a 360 Video Editor for Capgemini’s featured campuses in India videos, my work contributions involved various technical tasks to ensure the seamless production and delivery of over 100 videos:
Stitching: I utilized specialized software to stitch together multiple camera angles and footage, creating a cohesive 360-degree viewing experience for the viewers.
Glitch Repair: I diligently repaired any areas in the video that had glitches or visual anomalies, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted playback.
Sound Mixing: I skillfully mixed and balanced the audio tracks, incorporating background music, voiceovers, and other audio elements to enhance the overall viewing experience.
Editing: I performed comprehensive editing tasks, including trimming footage, arranging sequences, and adding transitions to create a polished and engaging final product.
Exporting: I efficiently exported the edited videos in the appropriate formats and specifications for various platforms, ensuring compatibility and optimal playback quality.
Quality Control: I conducted thorough reviews and evaluations of the edited videos, checking for any technical issues, visual inconsistencies, or audio discrepancies. I made necessary adjustments to maintain a high level of quality.
Timely Delivery: I adhered to project timelines and deadlines, managing multiple videos simultaneously, and ensuring their timely completion and delivery.
Communication and Collaboration: I maintained effective communication and collaboration with the production team, incorporating feedback and implementing necessary changes to meet project requirements and objectives.