HP 360 VR film


In the work from home environment, HP wanted to introduce a work from home friendly product and provide network and security solutions to corporate clients. This was done by highlighting the technical conflicts that employees face on a day to day basis, the challenge was this had to be done virtually too. We stepped in and with the use Virtual Reality reached top Chief Information Officers across the country and enabled an efficient knowledge transfer.


The challenge was to convey the conflicts and present solutions to CIO’s of Multinational Companies in India. The best way to do this was to create a 360 VR film with common conflicts that employees face and how HP products can make their life easier. The film was shot in live action using Cinematic VR and was created in Ambisonic sound for an immersive experience. One of the leading voices of the media world – Mr. Roshan Abbas, did the voice over for the film. We developed 3D models of HP products to highlight their importance in conflict resolution. Once the film was ready, Liminal shipped VR headsets to the personal addresses of CIO’s . This campaign resulted in a boost of sales for HP during the pandemic.


Concept Development: 
We conceptualized a 360 VR film that showcased common conflicts faced by employees and how HP products could simplify their work-from-home experience. The film would be shot in live action using Cinematic VR for a captivating and immersive experience.

Ambisonic Sound Design: 
To enhance the immersive experience, we created the film in Ambisonic sound, enabling a three-dimensional audio experience for the viewers.

Renowned media personality Mr. Roshan Abbas lent his voice to the film, adding depth and credibility to the narrative.

3D Model Development: 
We developed detailed 3D models of HP products, highlighting their significance in resolving the conflicts depicted in the film.

We captured the live-action footage, carefully choreographing scenes to effectively convey the conflicts and solutions. The use of Cinematic VR techniques ensured a high-quality and visually stunning result.

As the Creative Producer, I oversaw the editing process, ensuring seamless transitions, optimal pacing, and overall cohesiveness of the film. Visual effects and sound design were incorporated to enhance the impact.

VR Headset Distribution: 
Once the film was ready, we shipped VR headsets to the personal addresses of CIOs, allowing them to experience the film firsthand and understand the value of HP products in addressing their challenges.

Campaign Success: 
The VR commercial film campaign proved highly successful, resulting in a notable boost in HP sales during the pandemic. By effectively reaching CIOs and showcasing the practical solutions offered by HP, we achieved our objectives.

In addition to my role as a Creative Producer, I also took on an acting role within the film, contributing to the portrayal of conflicts and the demonstration of HP product solutions. Through this multifaceted contribution, we effectively communicated the benefits of HP’s work-from-home-friendly products to the target audience, leading to a successful campaign and increased sales for HP.