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Courage and pride are two qualities that describe this Bollywood flick. IIt was a brave move to bring the sensitive and somewhat taboo subject of samesex marriage to mainstream cinema, and the industry should be proud to have witnessed such a bold shift. I oversaw the sound recording and worked on the film’s post-production. I assisted with the screenings and the creation of the film while working closely with the director.

Work CONtribution

Footage Organization: Assisting in organizing and managing the film’s footage, ensuring proper labeling, and maintaining an efficient workflow during the post-production process.
Editing Support: Providing support to the editing team by preparing and organizing files, importing and syncing footage, and assisting with basic editing tasks.
Sound Editing: Assisting the sound editing team by organizing and labeling sound files, synchronizing audio tracks, and supporting the overall sound post-production process.
Color Grading Assistance: Assisting the color grading team by preparing footage for grading, organizing color correction files, and ensuring the smooth workflow between the editing and grading processes.
VFX Coordination: Collaborating with the VFX team from Red Chillies by managing and organizing VFX shots, coordinating feedback and revisions, and ensuring timely delivery of VFX elements.
Quality Control: Conducting thorough reviews and evaluations of the final output to ensure technical accuracy, visual consistency, and adherence to the creative vision of the film.
Workflow Coordination: Assisting in coordinating the post-production workflow, ensuring effective communication and smooth collaboration between various departments involved in the process.
Deadline Management: Working within project schedules and meeting assigned deadlines for post-production deliverables, ensuring timely completion of tasks and maintaining the overall progress of the project.



Shikara floats through the Dal lake, which has witnessed communal conflicts that have resulted in the eviction of Kashmiri Pandits from their homeland. A beautiful script tells the story of love, beauty, fear, helplessness, and battle. A story this sensitive required an appealing narrative and shot design to entice a large audience to the theaters.


As an Inhouse Assistant on the film “Shikara” directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, I made significant contributions to the project in various areas of post-production. My work primarily focused on VFX, where I made necessary edits to multiple scenes, ensuring their perfection. I collaborated with AR Rahman’s team for the film’s music, contributing to the overall audiovisual experience. Additionally, I also participated in the process of poster design, working on creating impactful visuals for promotional materials. Through my involvement in “Shikara,” I gained a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in making a feature film and developed a more refined perspective on the entire filmmaking process.